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Marketing luxury products requires time and experience. Coco Chanel and Louis of Louis Vuitton were innovative creators and pioneers in marketing Luxury brands. The Men and women who create luxury must have talent; those who sell it too. “To succeed in the sale of luxury goods, you have to be passionate, curious and agile. In a globalized and hyper-competitive sector, which weighed in 2016, 250 billion euros, the sales force is an army of indispensable infantrymen. How does one become a luxury soldier?When a single sale can reach several hundred thousand euros, “the attention paid to the customer is commensurate with the sum, said Thibaut de La Rivière, director of luxury Sup. The seller must therefore adapt to different types of customers. What nationality, what culture is it? You do not sell a jewel in the same way to a Chinese tourist as a rich Parisian. What does the object represent for the buyer? The satisfaction of a desire, a display, an extra soul? It is necessary to understand the approach of the person who goes through the door of the store and to adapt, to seduce him and to convince him to acquire what he does not need.  “In France, recruitment is limited,” says Sabine Salats. “In this sector, the variable portion of salaries can reach hundreds of thousands of euros, when it comes to special orders from the most fortunate customers,” says another leading industry specialist. Places are expensive. “Many candidates have a senior technician certificate in business unit management. Others have done an intermediate level business school like Idrac or EDC. “The Bachelor of Commerce Trades created by Sup de Luxe” matches the needs of brands, “said Ms. Salats.

It is however outside France that the opportunities are the most numerous and the recognition of the value of the diplomas, more relative. Sophie Lebeau, former operations manager of the Dubai Mall’s Louis Vuitton store, explains: “When you are in charge of a team of 90 people of 17 different nationalities, it is difficult to recognize, or compare, the value a Russian, Chinese, Syrian or Turkmen degree. Recruitment is done by interview. We focus on skills in the customer approach, knowledge of the sector and products, as well as experience. Being self-taught is not a bad thing. What matters is knowing how to turn a visit into a sale. Young graduates are rarely released in the big bath of the sale when leaving school. “The financial stakes are such that it is unimaginable to miss a sale due to a lack of experience,” recalls Sabine Salats. The first position is that of sales assistant. Only the most experienced employees are in contact with a clientele as wealthy as volatile.

Marketing luxury is a process which definitely requires experience.


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Today Luxury tends to address the issue of noble causes in three ways. The simplest and most effective is the big check. Another option is the gala dinner where the glamorous DNA of the guests often obscures the forbidden cause. Otherwise, the trend of the moment is limited edition products whose profits are donated to good works – the latter option is most of the time with the guarantee of a star. For example, Tommy Hilfiger marketed sunglasses to fight poverty in Uganda with Katie Holmes, Fendi asked Sarah Jessica Parker and four other celebrities to personalize a bag to support various associations, Dior launched a T-shirt at feminist message to promote education through the founding of Rihanna

The recent proliferation of this type of initiative responds to what the sociologist Frédéric Monneyron calls the advent of best comfort. “Ostentatious luxury still exists, but the demand is different today,” says the author of The Imagination of Luxury with Patrick Mathieu, Imago editions. According to him, customers are no longer looking for bling-bling products that are eye-catching or very sophisticated elegance: the luxury today is rather to buy a comfortable clothing conceived in a virtuous way , respectful of the environment and animal welfare, or charitable. “The luxury must provide a reassuring cocoon,” says the sociologist, for whom this attitude is quite fitting with the anxieties of Western societies marked by withdrawal and fear of the future. “On the other hand, brands find their value: ethical luxury can be quite profitable and draws attention to them positively. ” All’s well That ends well.)

This is an observation if a trend and it is possible for more companies to embrace the strategy that has been outlined in this post. These are useful insights on luxury when focusing on noble causes.

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Entrepreneur. Branding Luxury brands

Entrepreneur. Branding Luxury brands: Be a Luxury brand.

The luxury brand industry is an interesting industry that has many Luxury brands which we get to see, buy and experience. We tend to have different preferences on the brands that we like. Therefore, some luxury brands can be preferred by some of us and not be preferred by others. Today we focus on how the be a luxury brand.

Well, People have different perceptions on what luxury is. For me, Luxury is all about quality and user experience. It is all about the quality and user experience that people get from buying a luxury product or associating with someone who has qualities that depict luxury. Therefore A luxury brand refers to a premium brand that people regard highly. The luxury brand is often associated with opulence or elegance and people are usually more than willing to pay a higher price for the product.

Luxury refers to elegance, opulence or magnificence. It is a quality that is associated with elegance, magnificence or opulence.

A brand on the other hand refers to a name, mark or sign that identifies a product, person or thing. A brand differentiates a product or person from other products or people.

To be a luxury brand, we recommend doing the following:

1 Prioritize on quality

To be a luxury brand, you need to focus on creating a product that is of best quality or develop a personal brand that people will regard highly. The product needs to have a name that is easy to relate with and differentiate from other products. In case you want to develop yourself as a brand, you need to identify an interesting name that people will easily identify you with then focus on marketing yourself based on qualities that depict or show luxury.

2. The luxury brand needs to have a rich heritage

This means that the brand needs to have a strong history that can be used as the basis for explaining to the buyers about the origin of the brand. Many of the luxury brands that you see today have a history. Luxury lifestyles are based on using expensive brands that have a history. It is important to develop a brand that has a story behind it. People who buy luxury products always want to know more about the product. They always want to understand the history of the product, its qualities and you need to have a story that effectively sells the product to the target consumers. All the grandeur products or brands that you know of today have a rich heritage.

3. The luxury brand needs to have an element of scarcity

There should be limited access to the brand. Therefore there should not be an oversupply of a luxury brand. It is important to ensure that people have limited access to the brand. Top luxury retail brands can be acquired at retail stores that have been established by the manufacturers of the brands. It can at times be difficult to buy the luxury brands due to scarcity. Demand levels can be higher than the supply or stock that is available.

4. You need to create a strong brand identity

A strong brand identity will create a unique personality for the brand. Examples of good brands that have a strong brand identity include:  Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and people based brands which are mainly celebrity names. Luxury brand for Nissan and luxury brand of Toyota are examples of brand categories that Nissan and Toyota (the auto company) can develop and sell to buyers who want to acquire the vehicle models that will be part of each category.  There are many luxury brand cars. Accor luxury brands focus on luxury brands from Accor.

5. Associate or partner with brand influencers.

Brand Influencers are famous personalities or people who are able to communicate with others and influence how the people associate with or relate to a brand. It is important to work with brand influencers who will promote the brand. Most brand influencers use social media to market a brand and it is nowadays easier to reach out to millions of people who use social media or a daily basis.

Develop quality brand experience.

A quality brand experience will focus on the feeling that people get when they use or access a brand. A luxury brand should make people feel good about using the brand. For instance the shopping experience needs to be amazing, packaging needs to comprise of luxurious or quality features. People can either gain a good or bad experience from using a brand.


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NYU stern luxury brand management focuses on training individuals about luxury brand management. A brand manager focuses on managing brands that are owned by a company and there are many companies that offer opportunities or careers in brand management. Luxury fashion careers offer interesting career opportunities in luxury fashion. You can shop for luxury brands online by using e-commerce sites that are present. Luxury fashion management is a process that focuses on managing a portfolio of fashion brands. A luxury brand identity is characterized by the perceptions that people have with regards to the specific luxury brand. A luxury management program focuses on established steps or procedures that are followed when managing a luxury product or learning program that focuses on educating individuals about effective ways of managing luxury brands. There are many jobs in luxury brand management. For instance Paris is associated with designers who focus on creating luxury products hence luxury brand management in Paris offers an interesting career opportunity. A-luxury brand franchise can be acquired from a company that is open to franchising its luxury brands. There are many luxury management schools across the world. Some of them are effective or better than others which are less effective. Fashion and luxury brand management emphasizes on using effective management strategies to facilitate effective management of fashion and luxury brands. A masters or PhD in luxury brand management can be acquired from enrolling in universities that focus on luxury brand management such as Birmingham City University.  Brand management programs tend to vary. The university offers luxury brand management courses. After graduating with a master’s degree in luxury brand management in Europe or in any other country (luxury MBA) you can enroll for the PhD program.

Luxury-branded gifts can be designed or acquired online.  A luxury brand design agency can assist you in designing the brand. To work in such an agency, you need to be skilled in brand design or gain skills by enrolling for fashion brand management courses. You can also buy luxury goods or sell luxury goods online. Luxury brand digital marketing is an effective way of marketing such products. Luxury brand kitchen appliances are examples of products that you can sell online. Platforms such as Google and Facebook can be used for brand advertising.

Luxury brand marketing is a process. Fashion dresses, brand jackets, shoe brands, perfume brands, l’ cosmetics brands, fashion watches,  scarf brands, luxe brands, sneakers, vehicles, swiss watches, ladies watches, sunglasses and other luxury products can be acquired from e-commerce sites and stores that are managed by the manufacturers or retailers of the brands.  In luxury brand marketing, the experience is everything.


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